Review Part Two Of Seven


Day two of Owlcrate‘s photo prompts was to post a picture of your bath bomb in action, and what question you asked, as well as the answer you received.

In the Owlcrate September Darkness box, one of the items was a Mystic Berry Fortune Telling Bathbomb by Da Bomb Fizzers.


I  don’t know as if I’d ever used a bath bomb before now, honestly. But I  have decided that bath bombs are something that I want in my life!

Since it was a fortune telling bath bomb, consisting of “yes” or “no” related answers, naturally I was fairly intrigued by it.

Since I didn’t have a bathtub available at the time, I instead used it in a foot bath instead.

When it came to the question asking part, I have to say it was a teeny bit nervous that I would ask a question and not get a good answer. I originally thought of asking if I should get another cat. I mean, no harm no foul right? But, deep in my heart I knew what question it was that I really wanted to ask. So, I dropped the bath bomb in and asked it. “Will things go well for me?” Things, referring to life in general, I guess.

When I dropped the bath bomb in it immediately started to fizz and made my room smell great.  I knew it would smell good when I opened it, but I wasn’t prepared for just how good it smelled. (However, it was definitely not an overwhelming smell, which is good.) If you like berry scented things, you’d probably like this.

It made the water a beautiful shade of blue!

After waiting for the answer section of the bath bomb to expose itself, I was pleasantly pleased to see “absolutely” as my answer.

All in all I would give this bath bomb a nine out of ten stars. It made my skin feel smooth, and didn’t leave any sort of slimy residue or dye. I also felt relaxed the second that I put my feet in it!


-The Girl In The Red Lipstick-


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