Review Part Three Of Seven


The third Owlcrate prompt was to post a picture of books with the candle that was in the box.

One of the items in the Owlcrate September Darkness Box was a Celaena’s Cake inspired candle [from Throne of Glass] made by The Melting Pot.


I thought that this candle was pretty cute. I love the color gold, so I thought that the container that it was in was nice. When I opened the candle I was pleasantly surprised to smell the strength it had. It was definitely a different scent, but overall I did like. However, when I got it it did have a small dent in it, as well as some scratches.  Also, at some points it almost has an alcohol like aroma to it.

All in all, I did like the candle and give it an eight out of ten stars.


-The Girl In The Red Lipstick-


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