Soothsayer – Review


One of the very first books I got to review from an author was Soothsayer by Allison Sipe. So, huge thank you for sending me your book to read and review- even though I didn’t have many followers at the time!


The very first thing that I noticed about this book was how absolutely gorgeous it is. I mean, look at it, gorgeous. Not only is the cover appealing to look at, but the cover is clever also.



Violet Evans couldn’t possibly be linked to the medieval legends of King Arthur, or so she thought until a near death experience changed everything. With undeniable proof that magic is real, she will have to decide whether she’ll run for the hills or face her destiny head on.

Violet is used to capturing magic on film but when real magic enters her life in the form of Robert Maxwell, the mysteries of her connection to the Arthurian legends begins to unfold. With a price on her head, Violet struggles with what path she will follow as Robert becomes the one person in the world she can trust. No matter what choice Violet makes, she knows that her life has been altered forever, both by the man who brought her back from the brink of death and by the magic that will be a part of her forever.


 I really liked her writing style, it was so easy to read. Not just easy in the sense that the content was great and flowed smoothly, but also the way she wrote the words themselves.

I’ll be totally honest, when I was first going to start reading the book, I wasn’t exactly sure if it would totally be for me. Well, a couple pages into the story, I was hooked. I’m definitely looking forward to reading Sipe’s other books.

One thing that I really, really liked about the story was that the main character [Violet] was a normal girl. She was also a tough girl, which is pretty cool. She had her struggles, but she didn’t give up. But, they weren’t the kind of struggles that were there one minute then gone the next. She went through things, emotions too, like a normal person would.

With that being said, she also discovered there was more to her life. More to the world she was living in. She discovered some pretty magical things. Literally. 

The imagery in the book was great. Seriously, it was so cool. Descriptiveness in stories, definitely makes them more interesting to read. 

Let’s not forget about the romance in the story. It was so cute. It wasn’t the type of romance where the book is trying to push it onto you, and then takes the main focus of the story. It was just the perfect amount. I felt as though it was a wonderful touch to the story. 

All in all, I give this story a five out of five stars. I really liked it. It was such a believable story, it was crazy. It was magical, entertaining, had just the right amount of touches of humor and romance, as well as a page turner. 


A wonderful story, wrote by a wonderful person.

I definitely recommend checking this book out!

-The Girl In The Red Lipstick- 


(I had the perfect little bookmark. It had little fairy and star charms, among other things on it. As soon as I saw the book, I immediately knew what bookmark to use.)



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    1. That’s a good question, haha! I feel like it’s more of an urban fantasy, however there are some things that resemble what may happen in a high fantasy novel. So I think it’s almost a little of both? (Hopefully that makes sense, haha.)

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