Avalon – Review

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Allison Sipe’s books do not disappoint. I’ve just finished reading the entire Soothsayer Series, and let me tell you: it’s great. 

The cover, the writing, and of course the author- all are great.




Traitor, prisoner or both? Robert Maxwell is confronted with his past when Lila Patridge, his ex and the woman hell bent on killing The Waker, takes him prisoner. Upon arriving in Avalon, Robert learns that he is meant to be sacrificed in the name of Morgana. With his magic stripped, beaten and bloody, Can he find a way back to Pismo before he loses everything?

As we follow Robert through Avalon, he comes across dark magic, torture, and an unlikely ally. Without his magic to help him, he must find another way to escape. Can he remind Lila of their past and convince her to help him, or will pairing up with her end up being the ultimate betrayal?



I find a common ‘thing’ that happens when people write books dealing with some sort of magic concept in them, while also still trying to maintain a real world like concept – the books often go way more into the aspect of magic and you almost forget that they’re even about people at all. Not these books, though. I absolutely adore how she intertwines the concept of magic while making it seem believable. 

In the second book of the Soothsayer Series, we also learn more about one of the characters who was also in the first book. I thought all the character developments were great! 

Avalon is a Novella, so it’s a bit shorter than the other books. But, by no means did it mean the story was lacking. I’m actually really impressed how much content was packed into the book. 


All in all, I’d give this book five out of five stars. The writing was wonderful. Sometimes sequels are either a hit or miss, but this definitely did not disappoint.


-Girl In The Red Lipstick-



Soothsayer – Book One Review – “…it was magical, entertaining, had just the right amount of touches of humor and romance, as well as a page turner…”


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